Turning our backs on industrial jewellery

100% Guarantee and Satisfaction

Everything we produce is fully guaranted

We are not cheap but we are affordable! Our product is not made abroad!

I make everything sold in my shop, by hand, with precision tools!

What Andreeadesign offers and why to choose us

All of our jewellery is handmade right here on site which is a service that is not available anywhere else.
We offer only one off design.
As an experienced jeweller and setter, Coly is able to deliver any jewel, either bespoke or redesign, between 1 to 14 days.
What colour do you like?
If you like white, I highly recommend my white gold, unlike platinum or palladium it does not need Rhodium plating ever and the colour is a permanent bright white, never tarnishing.
If you think that with yellow and red the options are over, you're wrong.
The colour palette is more extensive and, in the store, you can see the differences and choose the shade that best matches and highlights your skin colour.
The pieces are completely made by hand from beginning to end inside my premises in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.
Jewellery made in Britain.
In the ‘’gallery’’ there are examples of bespoke pieces, redesign and some original pieces from my own collection (some of them sold and some of them in stock).
The jewellery which I have in stock are one-off pieces, so, as soon as I sell them, I can't make an equal one.
Due to the limited number (just one), if the resize is a must, it will be made on-site within 5 minutes.
As a small, family-run business you will find me and Andreea inside the shop.

All works carried out on your jewellery are made using the highest technology (like the microscope providing a precise adjustment) and a high level of skills and knowledge.
Resizes while you wait: usually the resize is made with the customer on-site while trying on the ring until he/she is happy with the size.
I kindly ask for 20-30 minutes more for polishing and ultrasonic machine (where it's possible).
Replace Diamonds and any other missing or damaged stone.
Reset fallen gems.
Rebuild or re-tip claws.
Cut and match Opal stone if any is missing.
Polish Opals in existing rings.
Laser welding (not necessarily used in all the repairs but the jewellers who own a laser machine are the best equipped for repairs).
Replace clasps.
Cut the ring and remove it from the finger.
Gold watch straps repairs.
Usually a repair job takes around an hour.
If it's more complicated it will take longer (still for the same day), the jeweller will let you know when you pop in with the piece(s).
07473920793 phone or WhatsApp to get in touch for any inquiry.

In-house service used for bespoke jewellery by Andreeadesign

First, come to the shop to explain to the jeweller what do you want.
Choose the colour of the gold and the gems.
I'll give advice for the best options to have a lovely jewel while keeping it durable.
Melt and mix to get the correct gold colour.
I make the shape of the jewellery piece proportional with the stone choices.
Set the stone(s).
Take the jewel to Assay Office for stamping.
The piece is ready for collection.
The customer comes to pick it up.
If the size is not perfect, in a few minutes will be made to fit your finger perfectly.
Make a video with the process and uploaded it in YouTube.
Send the link to the customer.
07473920793 phone or WhatsApp if you want to discuss more.

In-house service used for redesigning or remodelling sentimental or old jewellery by Andreea Design

Bring the jewellery pieces with you
Discuss with the jeweller face to face
Do you have gold in different colours or carats? Here I use your gold to change the colour and adjust it to get 18 ct.
Through the refinement process, it is possible to change from any colour gold to white or from white to any colour
Choose design, gold colour and stones (if the case)
Give advice for the best options to have a lovely jewellery but in the same time a durable one
Take out all the stone from the jewellery pieces
Refine in order to extract the pure gold and remove harmful metals that may have the old jewellery
Melt and mix to gain the desired colour of gold
Work with the ingot to form the desired shape
Setting the stone(s) or engraving
Hallmark in Assay office
The piece is ready to collect
The customer comes to pick it up and if the size is not perfect, 5 minutes later is resized and ready
Make a video with the process and uploaded it to YouTube
Share the link to the customer
Refer to our channel for redesign examples
07473920793 phone or WhatsApp if you want to discuss more.

In-house services that are not used in Andreeadesign for either redesign or bespoke process

I do not use casting, mould, wax or computer design.
My magic stops with the gold colour.
I cannot change the gold in platinum or palladium.
Not all the pieces benefit of a video.
I do not use Rhodium plating.
I do not sell online, by post, email or phone.
No matter if we talk about an engagement ring, a wedding band or a dress ring, I firmly believe that this is a unique moment to get the dreamed jewellery so a meeting with the jeweller is the best way to achieve the best result.